how to add multiple links in your instagram bio

How To Add Multiple Links In Your Instagram Bio

Do you want to post multiple links in your instagram bio so your customers can have access to your online shop. or connect with you directly, or even drive traffic to your blog post? Then this post will address that.

You know, instagram allows just a single clickable link, and that option is available on your instagram bio. This is restrictive, but not to worry, there is an hack to this.

This single one click feature is to prevent people and spamming bots from sending spamming links on the platform.

However, this restrictive feature is a bit challenging for online business owners, bloggers, youtubers etc who need to constantly change links to drive traffic to their websites.

You wouldn’t need to constantly change the link in your instagram bio. All you need is just one link that will direct your followers to your other links.

It would have been great if instagram can provide more options to add clickable links but while we wait for that to happen, there are other wonderful tools that can make you add different links.

Reasons Why You Need To Add Multiple Links In Your Instagram Bio.

In this post I will give a detailed explanation of the top 7 tools you can easily use to achieve that.

Let’s dive right in.

This tool have many features and it is so easy to multiple links all at a go. Whether you are an individual or an agency, you are able to do multiple things with this tool. This tool has both free and paid option.

Some of their key features,

  • Create a customized url using the paid plan.
  • Simply cross link all your social media profiles.
  • Easily add unlimited links to your landing page.
  • Track all link clicks and know your stats. (paid option)

To remove the watermark you can upgrade to the paid plan for a lifetime fee of $ 24.99.

Top influencers like Garyvee, Selena Gomez uses the great tool to direct their followers to other contents they are promoting. This powerful too has both a free and paid option.

The key features of linktree are:

  • You can Embed videos.
  • You can create Unlimited links.
  • Track and Retarget your facebook and instagram visitors.
  • Scheduled links to go live alongside your scheduled posts
  • Email integration.
  • Fully Customizable (colors, fonts, linktree titles and button styles.
  • Full Analytics, including referral and location data.
  • SMS signup links
How To Add Multiple Links In Your Instagram Bio 1

The paid version starts at $6 per month. To gain full access and easily customize your linktree landing page upgrade to the paid plan.

Now that you know how to add multiple links in your bio, go ahead and take action.