how to create a blog and start earning

How To Create A Blog and Start Earning From It.

Looking for ways on how to create a blog? Let me show you how it is properly done.

Now you might be thinking, Blogging in 2021? Does it really work?

My honest answer, If Arianna Huffington can make $500 millions/ year, then it is enough prove that blogging can make you rich. Even I have made good money blogging.

But the question is, how was she and other great bloggers able to rack in millions, just typing and sharing what they know on the internet?

If you are asking so many questions like,
1. Can blogging make you rich?
2. What does blogging entail?
3.What will you blog about?
4. How to set up a blog.
5. What are the blogging platforms I can use.
6. What are some of the blogging tools, I can start with?
7. How do I monetize my blog?

You are in the right place, because I will explain in details everything I you need to get started.
Let me answer the questions one after the other.



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Thank you, it helps to motivate us to do more.

how to create a blog

1. Can blogging make you rich?

Absolutely!!! You want to start a blog because you have read a lot of success stories about bloggers becoming millionaires doing what they love.

2. What Does Blogging Entails?

Blogging entails a lot, commitment, dedication and consistence. Also it is not a get rich quick scheme as it requires you to work hard and smart. It opens so many business opportunities for you to earn multiple source of income.
It also requires you make some investment( Money and Time).

You need a few tools to get started, and also some good amount of free or paid traffic to get people to see what you are blogging about.

3. What will I blog about?

Whoops!! Good question!!! But I would like you to grab a pen and a paper at this stage because you have some brain storming to do. Are you ready?
Let’s Begin.

  •  Write out 10 things you are knowledgeable about and can explain to anyone without sweating.
  • Read them aloud.
  •  Streamline or group them into different categories.
  • Now do a google search on these things you have written, you will see similar blogs and websites that are sharing their knowledge to the world.
  • Can my target audience, pay money to get this info?
  • Is it in demand? Are they a lot of persons, searching for what I am offering?
  •  How can I make money from this?

So, does that answer the question of what you need to blog about?

If you need help with streamlining your ideas,
Fill this form below and my team and I will help you as soon as we can.

Note””” No matter the niche you choose to start your blogging career, you will have competitors, don’t reinvent the wheels, do what they do but speak it in your own language.

Also every niche is monetizable, as long as people are searching google for answers.

In a nutshell, you can blog about, beauty and fashion, home repairs hacks, how to solve mathematics, even complicated topics like, how to pay off debts etc, it all depends on you and what your audience are willing to pay for?

Also remember that you are blogging for profits so, keep these in mind.

4. What Platform Can I use To Start Blogging?

Oh mine! There are a lot of free platforms to start your blogging business like,, etc. But usually I would not recommend you go through that route, because you might give up along the way. I am talking from experience.
The best platform is using a self hosted content management system like

Why You Shouldn’t Start With The Free Route?

Spending less than $40 to start a business will save you from a lot of heartaches later on. Using sites like wix, and will only waste your precious time. I recommend you purchase a domain and webhosting from this company (Bluehost) and get someone on fiverr to do so.

But if you can do it yourself, then follow these steps below.

How To Create A Blog.

Things you will need:

1.Domain name: For example,, this websites domain name is (it is my web address).
(You don’t have to think too much about this , just let it be short, and easy to spell.}

2. Hosting : ( A platform that houses your blog contents such as files, videos, text, pictures, audience etc ) They are the ones who helps your content get global so anyone can search on google or other search engines and get to see your contents.

Practical Steps To Set Up A Blog.

1.Click here to go to Bluehost, then click on get started and select any of the plans available, Basic, Basic Plus, Choice plus etc..

or use the search box below, then click next.

You will get to register a domain name for free for a period of 1 year.

2. Enter your account information.
3. Under package Information, choice the plan that you desire and the duration,
4.Uncheck all package extra. You don’t need the now.
5. Complete your purchase, it doesn.t take that long.
6.. Check your email and confirm your order.
7. Your Bluehost account details will be sent to your email.
8. Login with your account details and follow the set up wizard prompt or skip it. But be sure to select blog.
You can read the detailed account set up here.

yesssss!!!! Congratulations for a job well-done if you have completed this step.

With Bluehost hosting WordPress is already installed for you.

All you need to do is to sign in and go to settings, click on permalinks and change it to custom posts.. 

What are some of the blogging tools you will need?

Blogging is business and like every good business you need to map out a plan, and have tools that can make your work faster and help you grow so you can have that financial freedom you desire.

1.Blog Content Ideas Generating Tools.

As newbie in this business you might be wondering where you can generate content to blog about. Not to worry. I have made the job easier; Here are a few places to generate content from.

To write your first blog post, you must have something to write about. So how do you generate content to write about?
Here are a few tools to help you create endless blog topic ideas.

1. Answerthepublic:
Looking for the type of questions people are asking on google? Use this tool to get hundreds of ideas. It uses google instance api keys to generate millions of keywords that users are inputting on google. It allows 5 keywords search per day for the free account.

Give it a trial.

2. Udemy: We all know that Udemy is like an online school where you learn any skills you want. You can generate blog topic ideas from Udemy by looking at the course outline of a topic you are interested in.

3. Forums: Another platform to generate topics to blog about is by using forums. If you are looking for different forums to join, Go here  to find a forum that is in your niche. You can get questions that users are asking and provide answers to them.

4. Social Media Platforms: In 2020, it was recorded that an average user spends, 2hours and 24mins per day on social media (statista).

To understand fully the power of social media and the average time users spend, read Techjury.

So how do you make use of social media as a content Idea generating tool.
Let me explain, using Facebook as an example:


content generation

You can get questions that people are asking on Facebook groups, pages etc. All you need to do is copy those questions and post them on a notepad to start giving your best answers to them on your blog.

5. Quora: Quora is a great resource to not only get your questions answer but a social platform to get content ideas for your blog.

6. Your Competitors Website: Where else will you get content ideas from except from your competitors website. Go through their websites and you can generate a lot of blog topics you can write on.

P.S: please do not plagiarize their content, do it in your own language. It takes a lot of hard work to write content for readers.

To curate your blog content Ideas, use some of these tools to plan your blog content for the year.
3.Google Task.
5. Google Doc.
Pick the one that is best suitable for you.

Writing Tools:

1. I personally prefer using this particular tool to write my blog articles. With this tool, I know how to set the number of words I will write, my focus keywords and I also love the fact that it is integrated with grammarly. This makes my work easier.

Easily sign up and start using this wordcounter.

2. Grammarly: If you want to write better, start using this tool.

3. Hemmingway: The app highlights lengthy, complex sentences and common errors; I personally use this for proof reading.

But what if I can’t write?
Oh well, if you are unable to write because you are too busy you can hire blog writers here:

Graphics Design Tools:

1. Canva:  Canva is one of the best graphics design tool on the internet. Even if you are a newbie in graphics design. This design tool has hundreds of pre made designs made available for you to choose from. You can add your brand colors, team members and font type. I highly recommend you use this tool for your graphics.

How To Create A Blog and Start Earning From It. 1


2. Stencil: This is the most simplest graphics design tool for beginners. It is a drag and drop tool that can help you design professional graphics. You have different stunning templates toc choose from.

There other graphics design tools available, pick one that best meets your needs.How To Create A Blog and Start Earning From It. 2

If you can not do your graphics, hire a graphics designer. 

Now that we have these tools in place, You can go ahead to write your first blog post.

How to promote your blog.

Congratulations on writing your first blog post. If you still haven’t set up your blog by now, go here Bluehost to start now, It wouldn’t take 20mins of your time.

Let’s discuss on how to get people or users to read our first blog article.

How do we get people to see what we have written?

There are two methods of getting blog traffic.
1. Free Method:
2. Paid Methods.

Free Methods:
1. Pinterest: Pinterest is a virtual sharing social media platform for sharing pins that are interesting to you. You can use this platform to drive traffic to your website or blog.

To get started with pinterest,
1. Go to pinterest and create your account.
2. Go to, in the search bar, type pinterest pins, you will see so many templates to choose from.
3. Create and design your pins, then go back to pinterest and upload your pins.
4.Include your title, description and blog url (e.g how to create a blog}
5. Then click on publish.

2. Forum Marketing: I find forums as a great way to generate traffic to your blog.Find at least 10 forums related to your niche, sign up and teach people what you know. Create threads about different topics you are knowledgeable about. Dedicate at least 1 hour each day posting educational topics for a period of 3 months. Until you become an authority in that topic.

Include your blog url in your profile signature.

3. Search Engine Optimization:

Google and other search engines are one of the best method of getting traffic to your blog. But this takes time to build.

The best you can do is write quality content about a specific keyword. This is beyond the scope of this article but I will write a full details about it later on. To get started with SEO, install these plugins, yoast plugin or rank math.

4. Social Media: Use social media platforms such as LinkedIn, twitter and Facebook to drive traffic to your blog. Ensure to show up everyday.

2. Paid Traffic Method.

Google Ads: Reach millions of people worldwide by running ads campaign to your blog.
P.S If you do not know how to set up an ads campaign shoot me a mail at [email protected] and I will help you to set up one. Or hire a professional here (FIVERR).

Social Media ADs. Setting up ads campaign is pretty easy.

Why I recommend the paid methods of driving traffic?
It is faster to make money and get people to read your blog.

How do I monetize my blog?

There are so many ways you can make money from your new blog.

1. Aggressive and Consistent Affiliate Marketing. It is a process where you( affiliate marketer) earn a certain commission for promoting another person’s or company’s products or services. Even if you are a beginner, you can sign up to different affiliate networks or programs. Some of the top affiliate networks you can join are:
5.Impact Radius
7.Amazon associate program

If you are consistent enough to promote one affiliate program for 3 months you are guaranteed to make your first dollar online.

Read how I did so here.

How does Affiliate Marketing work?
Look at the example below, when you do a quick search on google using keywords like ‘top laptop in 2021″

it will show you search results like the picture below.


affiliate marketing

Looking closely at the results you will notice that, the websites on google first page are not websites by the manufactural of these products but bloggers like you and I.

Because they are affiliates with these companies or brands, they do all it takes to get to google first page.

Included in their brand reviews are affiliate links, so once you make a purchase, they get a little commission for the referral they brought. I hope you do understand it?.

2. Google adsense. 

If you have written enough content on your website, You can apply on google adsense for your site to be monetized.

3. Selling Digital Products. You can start selling online courses created by you.


You can see that blogging is so profiting if done correcting.
A Quick Recap:
To start your

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