How To Create A Blog In 2020 2

how to create a blog in 2020

So it happened that my friend Jane was always seeing me make some WhatsApp status post about the statistics of how some top sites that make millions of dollars [convert to your local currency) every month. So she was curious and wanted to know how this was possible, knowing well that I am a web designer and a content creator, I told her it was hard work.

From deep research I carried out recently, I found out that a lot of people are finding ways of making money from home since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic across the world and everyone is spending more time at home due to the lockdown.

Everyone is looking for answers from google, thus over the past 3 months, they have been a spike in internet users since many of us started staying more at home.

Why am I writing this blog post?

In 2015, I got the privilege of learning how to design websites from a friend, but I never put it to use not until 2018. As of that time, I was broke and was out of Colledge without a job. ( Y’all know how it feels right?)
so I said to myself, why don’t I put my skills into good use instead of wallowing in self-pity, so I started informing all my friends and relatives that I was a web designer and I could design beautiful websites for them for a little token. Most were nice but others just thought I was a joke.
Nevertheless, I didn’t get discouraged but kept on learning online to perfect my web design skills.


I officially started taking my job seriously, when I started earning between $100 to $300 per design jobs. I was excited( who says money is not a motivating factor? hahaha)

My first paycheck, propelled me to learn other ways of making money online, without me spending a lot of time writing codes.

But the truth is, if you want to really make money online, you need to put a structure in place, and building structures requires time and it is hard work.
We all admire the glamorous life of successful bloggers, and we feel we can get the same result overnight, well, that’s is a joke.

One of the ways of making money online is through blogging and I will explain my first-hand experience in this article.


In this blog post, you will learn:

  • How to create or set up a blog.
  • How to find a niche to focus on.
  • How to generate multiple content ideas for your blog.
  • Tools and resources you need to create a successful blog.
  • How to get people to read your blog.
  • How to monetize your blog content.
  • How to stay motivated.
  • Top blogs to follow to grow your blog traffic.
  • FAQ 

So let’s dive right in.
But wait, the question on your mind would be “is it still possible to make money blogging? (Did I guess right?)
Before we go through the whole “how to blog tutorials, let me quickly explain what blogging actually means.

What is Blogging?

Blogging in simple terms is the act of creating and updating web content regularly( underline the word updating).

A blog is like a diary or a journal that is updated regularly to show the content writers’ opinions, interest or to share a piece of information. Blogging is about educating your audience about a topic you know about. or a skill you easily teach.

How to find a profitable niche to blog About

Honestly, this was the hardest part when I started this blog, but it doesn’t have to be.

Here are 3 ways I found out, that can help you find out your niche.

  • Write a few lists of things you are very good at. (Please don’t ponder on this much, just write out anything you are good at).
  •  Write a list of things you are interested in or love talking about.
  •  List out 3 things you are interested in learning.

Yeah!!! Whoops!! that wasn’t difficult was it?
So we are good at finding you a perfect niche, let’s talk about setting up a few goals.

Setup Blogging Goals.

Here are a few guidelines to help you set up goals for your blog.

  1.  Why do you want to blog? (  To guide you on this, think and write down things that you are passionate about, of stuffs that motivates you.)
  2.  What problem are you willing to solve?
  3. Who is your targeted audience? (what type of people do you want to read your blog content?)
  4. How would you solve their problem? Obviously, creating valuable blog contents right?
  5.  What result do you want your readers to have when they visit your site?

Whoops, friend!!! You are doing an amazing job! Let’s jump right into setting up your 6-7 figure blog right now.
yes, you can!!!

How to Create and Setup Your Blog

Even if you have no technical skills you can set up a blog easily following these 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Choose and Buy A Domain Name

A domain name is your online web address like “”. This is the URL user’s input into their web browsers to see your site content. Understable enough right?

To buy your domain name click on this link to get a cheap offer now

There are certain factors to consider before buying a domain name.

  1. Let your domain name be easy to spell and pronounce.
  2.  Choose a domain name that is short.
  3.  Choose a domain name that reflects what you will be blogging about (though not necessarily).
  4.  Choose a .com TLD extension although you can use other ones, I feel most internet users automatically thinks that most websites end in dot com.
  5. Avoid adding special characters like “-,=,_etc.
How To Create A Blog In 2020 3

Step 2: Host Your Blog

Web hosting is what keeps all of your blog contents online like your files, images, videos, infographics, audio files, etc, so your audience can easily see your content online.

One of the web hostings I recommend for beginners is siteground. I host most of my sites here.This web hosting company is one of the best I have used.


Why I Recommend Siteground.

  • Free SSL certificate
  • WordPress recommended host.
  • 98% uptime.
  • Fast, and reliable customer support. Their workers are highly skilled and proficient so you are safe hands.

Steps to Buying An Hosting Plan

  • Click on the get started image above.

You will see a screen like the one below, choose the web hosting package and click get started.

  • As illustrated below.Go ahead and choose a hosting plan that fits your budget  as shown below.
  • In the next tab input the domain name you bought at Namecheap and click “I already have a Domain” then click proceed.
  • The next stage is to fill and confirm your order and billing info.

There is no need to add all of the other upsells they are offering unless you really need them but for the sake of this tutorial, simply skip all and click checkout.

Yesss!! you did it, guys! Congratulations your blog site is online!!!!

Step 3: Installing WordPress and Configuring Your Blog.

This is the final step of setting up your blog.

  • Go to your Cpanel and click on WordPress, as shown below.
How To Create A Blog In 2020 5

Then you will be asked to select the domain that you want to install WordPress on., all you need to do is pick the domain name that you chose earlier.

  • Under Site Settings, Type your site name in the site name filled and input a description (though you can change all of these later on.
    In the wordpress admin dashboard.
  • Change the admin username from admin to your preferred username (please write it down so you don’t forget)
    Also, change the password to your preferred password.
    Type an email address you have access to. (This is where the installation confirmation will be sent.) As shown in the picture below.
  • Then go ahead and click install.
How To Create A Blog In 2020 6
Congratulations!!! You should see a message like the picture below, if you installed wordpress correctly.
How To Create A Blog In 2020 7

Designing and Writing Your First Blog Post.

Now that you have installed WordPress, check your email to access your WordPress dashboard using the url that was sent to your email something like

  • Input the username name and password you created during installations and voila you will be redirected to your WordPress dashboard where you can configure your blog.

How To Create A Blog In 2020 8


    • Go to settings on the WordPress dashboard and select permalinks, select the post type, then click on save changes. (see the picture below).
how to change permalinks in wordpress

Now let’s make this blog beautiful,
Go to appearance, then click on themes, you can select any theme that best suits you.
Click on activate and then customize to change the color, font, etc, you can play around this later on,

See the picture below for more details.

How To Create A Blog In 2020 9
How To Create A Blog In 2020 10


  1. About Page.
  2. Contact Page.
  3. Privacy and Policy Page.
  4. Disclaimer Page.

Why do you need to create these pages?
These pages are needed when you are ready to monetize your blog, We will talk more on this later on.


Step 1.

  • Login to your wordpress dashboard.
  • Then click on pages, from the dropdown menu, click on add new.

A page like the one below will be displaced, just follow the picture below to create your first page.

How To Create A Blog In 2020 11

Here is a simple explanation to guide you.
No. 1. is the Title Area where you write the title of your blog post.
No 2 is the content area, where you can add and edit your blog content, images, videos, and text:
No 3: You can choose and create a category that is relevant to your post.
No 4 is the publish button. Where your page can go live.

There you have it you have created your first page.


How Create a Post In WordPress.

Creating your first post is almost the same as creating a page.

  • Click on post in your wordpress dashboard.
  •  Click on add new.
  • Write your title for your blog post.
  • Add your blog content.
  • Upload or choose a featured image
    select a category you want the post to be in.
  • Proofread and click publish.

See photo below.

How To Create A Blog In 2020 12

Congratulations! You just did an amazing job.

If you still need someone to set up your blog for you, you can hire me and I will do the HARD part while you focus on doing the important stuff, curating and putting out valuable content.

How To Generate Multiple Content Ideas For Your Blog.

Generating content consistently is one challenge for bloggers.
You can get content ideas from forums, social media platforms, etc

Here are some very important tools I use and recommend you use in generating content ideas.
1.Keyword planner
2. Ubersuggest
3. Twitter trends.
4. Answer the public
5. Quora
6. Social media platforms like, facebook, twitter, Pinterest, reddit etc

Tools and Resources You Need To Create A Successful Blog

Important Writing Tools To Write Great Blog Content.

Proofreading and Plagiarism Checker Tools:

1. Plagiarism checker
2. Readability score tester
3. Grammarly.
P.S, The whole essence of writing is to satisfy your audience queries. so write to solve their problems.

Tools I Use To Create Blog Graphics.

Here is a list of my top recommended tools to design stunning graphics for your blog even though you have no graphic design skills.
1. Stencils
2. Design Wizard.
3. Canva
4. Pic Monkey
5. Vennage for infographics.

6. Adobe Spark Post

But if you can’t do any graphics, you can hire one here on fiverr. 

How To Create A Blog In 2020 13

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Now that you have set up your blog, I know you have some questions you need urgent answers to. 

Click on any of the questions to see the answers.