How To Find What Google Knows About You.

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So recently, I was researching on how to make Nigerian pancakes. Immediately I left the YouTube channel I was watching to Facebook, I started seeing different ads related to food making. So I decided to do a research on why I was seeing those keywords I had typed on google. I discovered google knows a lot about me, my location because I use google map, the YouTube videos I have watched, YouTube keyword search histories and my voice searches.

Google knows a lot more about you than you probably think it does as long as you are using its products such as android, Gmail, Google map, chrome browser, etc.

Google is transparent with its privacy policies. It also keeps your data like name, age, gender, IP address, country, phone number, videos you have watched, ads you click, device information and cookie data. Google stated boldly on their website that the data collected and stored is to provide useful services and relevant advertising.

How to Check All Your Google Activities?

   Login/ sign in into your google account using google chrome browser. 

Type in

 You will see a drop-down of all the activities you have performed on google. As you can see from the screenshot below you find, I’ve been searching on how to make Nigerian pancakes (oh yeah! I love pancakes!)

Google Knows Where You Have Been.

You can get all of your location histories on google.
Go to to check all your recent and past locations. You can delete the locations you have been in.

How To Stop Google From Tracking Your Location Records.

Go to to pause your location history. This setting will be paused on all apps, sites, and devices signed in to your account.

Google Keeps Track of Your YouTube Search And YouTube Watch History

You can see all that Google knows you have searched and watched on youtube by clicking on these links:
YouTube Watched Videos
YouTube Search History

Google Knows What You Are Interested In.

 Based on your activities and usage of Google products, Google groups your interest into different categories, to find out what ad topic it thinks you are most interested in. You can find your recent activities on google by clicking

You will see a similar image like the one, below. Google shows your age, gender and what you are interested in.

How You Can Limit The Data Google Stores.

You can limit the amount of personal data Google has of you.

Click here to go to your account activity control page  and toggle everything off if you want. This helps controls the records google keeps of you. Watch the screen record below to see how it is done.

To read more about how your data is used, click here Google data usage and safety

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