How to make money on pinterest

How To Make Money On Pinterest

Here is how I made money on Pinterest. A step by step method I followed that made me $100 dollars on Pinterest. The process is super easy to replicate.

bluehost earnings pinterest

This was the strategy I used in making my first $100 dollars on Pinterest.

I was so excited when I got the email in my inbox congratulating me for earning $100 dollars for a referral.

How was it possible to earn $100 from Pinterest?

Earlier this month (November, 2021), I was looking for an affiliate program that can give me instant results. A mentor actually recommended I joined Bluehost  and this was the game changer for me.

So I signed up here: As soon as I got approval, I made post to help beginners start up a blog without stress.

 Now, in other to get people to read my post, I pinned different versions on Pinterest.

To be honest, I didn’t really think that was going to work but after a few days, I got a few clicks and 1 signup.

This is to show that it is possible to make money online.

If you are still skeptical if this works? Then you should try it out, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

How to start making money on Pinterest for Beginners.

As a beginner who is just starting out, one of the first key thing you need to do is to get your own web space. Get a website or blog setup.

The simplest process I can recommend is to use Bluehost.

What you will get are:

  • Very cheap hosting fees for $2.95/month plus free domain name and Free SSL Certificate.

One cool thing about Bluehost is that once you make a purchase,

  • WordPress will be automatically installed for you and some very important plugins to protect your sites from hackers.
  • If you get stuck, they have 24/7 customers supports available to help you.

You can get started today by signing up with Bluehost and creating your blog, then apply as an affiliate to start earning your first dollar online.

How to create a blog and start earning.

Step 1. Using the search box below, type your desired domain name, for example”” and click search. If the domain name is available proceed to create an account as shown in step 3 below.

Step 2Create your account and input your payment details.

Under the package Extras, untick everything else, unless you want them, but I don’t think it is necessary now.

Ensure you tick the “I have read and agree to the terms and condition button.
Then click submit…

As show in the picture below.

bluehost sign up

Step 3: Check your email inbox, they will send you a message to confirm and validate, do so and you are on your way to setting up the blog.

Once you confirm, another email will be sent to you containing all of your account information.

Keep this email because it is important.

You can signing in to your Bluehost dashboard as shown below.

bluehost login

Step 4:

Choose a theme , don’t worry you can always make changes to your site at any time.

Follow the setup wizard show to you and boom, you have now created your first blog.

You can read more ways to customize your blog and writing your first blog post here:


How To Make Money On Pinterest 15

 Step 5: Write at least, 10 blog post on your blog and then go ahead to sign up to be an affiliate on Bluehost.


Step 6: Design your Pinterest graphics using 

On canva you just need to type Pinterest templates and you will get hundreds of templates available to choose from.

Use canva to design different version of Pinterest pins and schedule your post all from one platform.

How To Make Money On Pinterest 16How To Make Money On Pinterest 17


Guess it was so much fun doing so?

Congratulations!!! Please I would be excited to hear your success story. Use the email below to share your process with me.

Shoot me a mail at [email protected] or visit my YouTube channel and drop a comment or follow the step by step process there.

If you need my assistance or you got stuck in a step, I will be happy to help you without any extra cost to you as long as you click on Bluehost from this website.

I hope this was helpful…. Stay tuned for other mind-blowing tutorials on this blog..

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