Online business in Nigeria without money

Start A Profitable Business Selling Other People’s Product

How to start a profitable business, selling other people's products.

sometimes all you need to do is take actions.

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Hello friends, if you are honestly looking for ways to make money online in Nigeria, instantly, without investing a dime, then you need to learn how to sell online. 

I will introduce you to three platforms that will help you to start earning instantly.

These three platforms are familiar to you and you sometimes visit them daily without knowing that these platforms can make you rich…

But let me give a little disclaimer here: making money online requires patience, implementation and smartness.

The strategies you will be reading in this article are tested and proven to work time and time again.

 I was able to sell a 5M and 10M property that I do not own with these platforms.

 You can use your smartphone to start making money without investing a dime.

The strategy to make money online is simply to sell, it could be a physical product or digital product. But in today’s post, I will show you how to sell physical products without spending a dime.

“The Difference Between A Successful Person And Others Is Not A Lack Of Strength, Not A Lack Of Knowledge, But Rather A Lack Of Will.” – Vince Lombardi

Wondering where you will get these products from? Don’t worry, it is pretty easy.

Key topics I will be covering today are:

  • What to sell.
  • Where to get these products to sell?
  • How to get product suppliers or vendors?
  • Two big platforms where you can sell these items and get real customers to pay you money instantly.

 So here is a picture of a property I got through a contact

 was able to sell this property for free without paying a dime to anyone and I got a 5% commission from this deal

You see, in Nigeria, there are so many opportunities available around you. All you need to do is to stop complaining and start looking for opportunities. Some of the legit ways you can make money this year are listed below:

Let’s breakdown each of the key topics.


  • Sell Properties. Starting a real estate business here in Nigeria is easy, all you need to do is look for properties that are on sale in your environment. Get connected with the owner of the property, whether land, or house. Be confident enough to convince the owner that you can pull this deal off. 

If you are asking how you can do this, don’t panic, I will show you in a little while.

  • Sell Cars: Do you need to have fleets of cars to start selling? Oh, No, you don’t. But you can sell as many cars as you can, if only you do the work and at least know about cars.

Know what the prospective client wants and seek it for them and ensure they are satisfied. Once the deal is done, you can get  as high as 10% commission rate on each car sold.

Start A Profitable Business Selling Other People's Product 1
  • Sell Furniture: Do you need to be a furniture maker to sell furniture? No, you really do not. There are a lot of furniture makers within your locality that you can talk with and strike a deal with and get massive profits from each successful furniture sold.

So you see, I am telling you that it is possible to search for products within your environment and leverage on the internet to sell those products.

The items to sell are so numerous to list here, but the ones I have mentioned above can make you bulk money if you are persistent and consistent.


If you are looking for how you can get these products to sell, here is a tip, look within your environment.

  1. Car dealers stores.
  2. Real Estate Companies.
  3. Houses with “For Sale Sign post”
  4. Furniture Houses and ShowRooms.

Look within your environment, someone might need help selling their products. Strike a deal with them and get your commission.

If you do  not have the confidence to talk to these people, there is another way you can still make money.

There are platforms online that you can get products from,

  1. Jumia :

     With jumia, you can source for hot selling products, download a picture of these items and save them in your gallery. We are going to use these images to sell on the different social media platforms without having the products physically.

Key Points to Note when sourcing for items to sell on Jumia Platform:

  1. Read product reviews.
  2. Check that the product has a high positive reviews
  3. Check that the product has been bought at least by 100  or more people.
  4. Go for products that are easy to sell and what people are ready to buy instantly.
  1. Konga: You can source for popular and hot selling products on Konga too the same way you did on Jumia. Following the same procedures.

Now let’s get down to how you can contact the  suppliers  of the products you have saved.


I know you are excited to get started as soon as possible but, just wait. How will you get access to the vendors who sell these items on Jumia or konga?

No need to sweat it. You don’t need the contacts of the sellers on Jumia or Konga.

You can get the product suppliers on these platforms;

  • Jiji: Jiji is a free classified ads site that allows anyone to sell any item whether used or brand new. They have a traffic of over 6m users on their site. So, this is a good platform where you can get suppliers for your products.

All you need to do is search for those products you have saved and then either chat the supplier or call them and ask if they can deliver to any location. 

The picture below explains it better.

Start A Profitable Business Selling Other People's Product 2

Note: You can search for vendors based on your location, so you need to panic or you can arrange a time to meet your vendors physically.

Register on Jiji here:

  • This is another classified ads site with over 3m users, you can also search for vendors here.
Start A Profitable Business Selling Other People's Product 3

Facebook is not just a social networking platform. You can buy and sell items using the marketplace. 

Start A Profitable Business Selling Other People's Product 4

To use this platform to search for your vendors, please ensure you do a thorough background check for safety before meeting any vendor physically.

Best practice is to meet in an open or popular place like a restaurant etc….

To search for vendors, search the name of the product for instance “ringlight” then facebook will show you a list of sellers who have that product you can chat them up using the facebook messenger app to get more information from them.

 Please always ask if they do wholesales or dropshipping and also payment on delivery.

This will be a safety measure for you.

You can get as many vendors as possible so you won’t get stranded when one vendor disappoints you.

  • NB**Please always start with vendors within your locality to reduce the cost of logistics

    Now that we have gotten where we can see vendors let’s start searching for customers who will buy our products.

Two big platforms where you can sell these items and get real customers to pay you money instantly.

What is the essence of starting a business without getting customers?
The sole reason we have gone through each of these steps is so we can make money.

Whether you are selling a house, a car or furniture or any other product you choose to sell, you need real customers to talk with.

Here are the three best platforms that you can sell your products without spending a dime on advertising unless you choose to.

  • Jiji. Yes… the same platform you used in looking for vendors is the same platform you use in selling your item.

How to sell on jiji.

  • Click on the sell button and follow the steps given.

It is that easy, after you have successfully uploaded your product images, do write a good description. This is an important aspect.

Once your listing is approved you can start getting calls or messages about your product.

Start A Profitable Business Selling Other People's Product 5

I have sold a lot of items here, houses, furniture, electronics etc.

2. Facebook Marketplace. The same rules apply here

How to sell on facebook marketplace.

  • Login to your facebook account.
  • Click on the marketplace icon.
  • Click on create new listing.
  • Choose a listing type.
  • Add clear and beautiful photos.
  • Add title, price and description.
  • Click on submit listing.
    It is important that you boost your listing by posting to groups specifically, buying and selling groups within your locality to gain visibility.

The Facebook team will review your listing and then approve it.

Start A Profitable Business Selling Other People's Product 6

The Whole Business Model. This business model is what I refer to as trading with other people’s money. (OPM) You are the middleman between the seller and the buyer.

You control the business, once a customer requests for a product, which you have uploaded on these platforms, it is your duty to get the item delivered to the customer.

Two ways you can do this.

  • Allow the seller to deliver the item to the buyer (he takes care of the logistics) and gives you your profits at the end of the deal.
  •  You buy the product with your money, and deliver to the buyer yourself or through logistics companies.


Watch the practical ways of making real money online in Nigeria.


Once you gather enough capital for your business, please invest in digital marketing. This is important if you have a specific monthly targeted sales goal.

I hope you find this article useful and kind enough for you to share it with a few of your friends.

Disclaimer: Some of the links are affiliate links and I get paid a small commission from any sales made via the links at no extra cost to you.