Why Does My Business Need a Website?

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In this article, I will list out 5 strong reasons why it is very important to get a website for your business no matter the kind of business you are into.

I get a lot of questions from businesses asking if it’s important for them to have a website since they already have a big following on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. My answer is always a BIG YES!!!.



1. Social Media Algorithm Changes.

Now, I know social media has helped a lot of businesses grow immensely over time, but they are also out to make money.

A few years ago, you can make a post on your Facebook account and it will reach a lot of your followers but as time progresses, Facebook changed its algorithm so you need to pay for ads for your post to reach a good number of followers.

At any point in time, these social media platforms you’re using could change it’s algorithm, making it nearly impossible for your followers or potential clients to see your content unless you are ready to pay tons of money on ads. The truth is they are also in the business of making sales too even though the platform is free.

Having a website is like a foundation, you have full control of what happens on it.

2. Credibility

Trust is a key factor in doing business anywhere in the world. Owing a website that your customers can always visit creates a trust factor. With the increasing number of social media scams, it becomes relatively difficult to do business online. But, having a professionally built website, clients or customers have something to fall back on if something happens to your social media accounts.

This brings me to my third reason why you need a website.

3. You Don’t Have Control Over Social Media Platforms

I remembered an incident that happened on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp on July 3rd, 2019. These sites were down and so many businesses were frustrated globally. You can read more of it here, http://bit.ly/2Go4Nar

You can imagine, the gross loss in profits that day for a lot of businesses, and one obvious trust is there is nothing you as a business owner can do about it because you are not in control of what happens in that platform. With your website, you have 100% control over how your website looks and what the user experience is like.

One thing about owning a website is that it is a business on its own.

4. You Can Earn Passive Income From It.

Who doesn’t want more money? Even though you will be selling your products or services on your website, they are several ways you can start generating passive income from your websites. A few methods you can use is selling digital content on your website, creating good blog content around the goods or services you sell.

5. Free Organic Traffic

The best feeling in the world is having customers come to your websites daily without you paying a dime for ads. This can only happen if your website is optimized for search engines. What this means is that your site will be ranked on the first page of google, bing, or any other search engine. Do you know what that means for your business? It means that people will keep coming back to your site if they use that keyword on google.

Here is an infographic of all the points listed here.

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